Vida Integrated Health increased their collection rate by more than 15% and transformed their patient experience with Pledge

A large, growing integrated health center is using Pledge to scale efficiently and provide a world class experience for their patients and team.


As Vida grew over time, the leadership received frequent complaints from patients who were confused by the statements they received. This confusion generated a large number of billing-related phone calls that diverted the team from providing patient care, caused payment delays, and resulted in numerous uncollected bills. Previously, they relied on both paper statements and electronic statements sent through their EHR system for patient billing. This approach required significant time and effort every month and did not produce the desired financial outcomes.

Vida aimed to simplify bill payment and improve the overall experience for both patients and team members. The goal was to clarify the bill amount and help patients understand how their insurance benefits applied.


To overcome these challenges, Vida adopted Pledge, a patient billing software that seamlessly integrates with their EHR system. Thanks to how simple and quick it is to manage patient billing with Pledge, Vida was able to simplify and streamline patient billing, which allowed them to centralize the process with one part-time person. This change freed up clinic managers to spend more time interacting with patients and supporting the clinic staff. Vida also saw a 90% drop in billing related questions from patients while patient satisfaction hit 90%.

More efficient and intuitive than most on-line payment systems I have encountered. Well done!

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I have really enjoyed working with all staff there. Your place is amazing and continue telling my friends about you. thank you thank you thank you

Vida has since gone paperless and does all their patient billing online using Pledge. As a result of their implementation of Pledge, Vida quickly saw more than a 15% rise in collection rate and a significant decrease in AR days. 60% of Vida’s patient payments are now self serviced within the first 7 days of sending bills using Pledge.

Additionally, Vida has been leveraging insurance benefits verifications in Pledge to quickly determine patient responsibility and reduce claim denials. They went from waiting days for external vendors to do benefits checks to having all the information readily available to them.

“Pledge has made a major impact on our operations. The software has allowed us to streamline our processes and enhance patient satisfaction. The Pledge team has provided excellent support and we are excited to continue our partnership with them. Both our team and patients are extremely satisfied and the outcomes are impressive.” said Dr. Kris Sasaki, CEO of Vida Integrated Health.